We haven’t heard much since Pixar and Disney announced they were beginning work on The Incredibles 2 last year. No one then even knew if Brad Bird would be back to write the sequel. Word is making the Internet rounds today that not only is Bird back to script the sequel, but that The Incredibles 2 will be released in 2015. If that wasn’t enough to get you interested, would you like to see the synopsis that’s also floating around?


Idea Wiki is reporting that the synopsis follows this story line:

It has been 5 years since the events of the first film, and the world is at peacetime. This is almost entirely due to the resurgance of superheroes in the world, especially the greatest superhero duo Dash and Violet Parr. Bob and Helen fight crime from time to time, but dedicate most of their time to raising their son Jack-Jack. Jack-Jack is a 6 year old rebel. He has been trying to control his powers, he is an outcast at school because he still can’t control his superpowers. His mother and father overprotect him for fear that another villain will come and kidnap him the way Syndrome did 5 years ago. Jack-Jack soon discovers that he can only control his powers when he is angry and villanous. A rising, unknown villain seen only in shadows has noticed this and takes Jack-Jack in as his apprentice. However, Jack-Jack’s first task is to kill the Incredibles.


Frozone is given a mission by Rick Dicker to find and eliminate a new villain on the island previously occupied by Syndrome. This is standard procedure for super; but Frozone encounters a problem. Edna Mode must accompany him on his journey.

They are also listing the release date as July 3rd, 2015, which in interesting because IMDB has June 22nd, 2016 as the release date.


Pixar doesn’t have anything on their site about The Incredibles 2 yet. I’m leaning toward all this “news” needing a truck load of huge grains of salt. There’s no way that Idea Wiki, a site that allows *ANYONE COUGH-COUGH to add content is correct on just about anything besides some things that will line up just because it is a sequel and some things will be the same. I just don’t see it.

Plant this one in the garden of speculation. Perhaps something will grow out of it, but for me it’s just Internet weeds.

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