Twitter has become the preferred source to release big movie news for a lot of actors and directors. There are pros and cons in using this particular media; on the one hand it’s direct and immediate, but on the other hand social platforms can turn into wretched hives of scum and villainy so quickly that you regret the day you ever heard the word tweet (even in a bird context). But the following looks like news that will definitely get fans of a certain persuasion excited. To put it this way, if you’re one of those people that was pissed that the Deadpool you saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine bore no physical resemblance to the Deadpool you know and love from the comics, prepare to flip your lid.

Via the Twitter feed of Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, behold the full costumed Deadpool!

From the string of retweets and responses it seems that this is an instance wherethe reveal of a superhero costume has got fans excited rather than angry. I’m sure the eyes are CG’ed in there (masks are notoriously hard to articulate in real life), but otherwise it looks like the costume department scanned the comic book Deadpool into a 3-D printer and had Reynolds suit up. If Deadpool turns out half as good as that suit… Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Kudos to costume designer Christine Bieselin Clark who previously worked on Watchmen and Sky High as an assistant costume designer. She did also work on Origins, but we won’t hold that against her because Deadpool actually looks like Deadpool here.

The image itself is also pretty great, downright ready for a poster that you can buy and tack up in your dorm room, basement, or man cave. It not only shows off the costume, but it shows off the humor of the character with the romance novel cover setting and pose. The only way this could get more romantic, is if there were some tacos and candlelight.


In a final note, it must be nice for Reynolds to flaunt his super-suit. We all know that he couldn’t do that while filming Green Lantern.

Deadpool  is currently filming in Vancouver and will be released in theaters everywhere next February.

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