Taking a page out of Marvel’s masterful playbook, Paramount has decided to create a sprawling, expansive universe for Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise. Not taking a page out of Marvel’s playbook, the movies will, presumably, remain shallow husks of the original franchise children loved. Read on.


The Transformers movies have long been valued for their incredible special-effects, photo-realistic CGI,  sound design, and explosive action sequences. As such, substance usually remains lower on the list of priorities, much to the chagrin of fans of the robots in disguise. Paramount may be maneuvering to correct this oversight, however, as it has hired Akiva Goldsman, writer of Batman and Robin and A Beautiful Mind, to lead a committee of filmmakers whose sole purpose is to craft sequels and spinoffs that will broaden the scope of the mainstream Transformers universe.Also on the committee are Michael Bay (duh), Steven Spielberg, and Lorenzo di Bonaventura. They’ve all been tasked with finding talented writers to bring Paramount’s vision of a larger Transformers universe to life.

The Transformers franchise has a lot of material to pull from, like DinoBots, BeastWars, and several G.I. Joe crossovers, so there is no doubt that the movie universe could, you know, work. One wonders, though, how they’ll compete with Marvel and DC with such an obvious cash grab attempt. Transformers surely has a long and storied history, but they cannot compare to comic-book juggernauts who have thousands upon thousands of characters they have the ability to turn into incredible films.

Do you think the new universe will work? Or will it fail miserably? Let us know.

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