Hugh Jackman Stepping Down As Wolverine


“All right, Bub…” It seems that Hugh Jackman is officially hanging up the Adamantium skeleton. For fifteen years, Jackman has portrayed the mutant with a complex, hidden past, and he will only portray the character once more before retiring it. Can the franchise afford to lose one of its power players?

Since his first appearance in 2000’s X-Men, it’s been extremely apparent that Jackman is the picture-perfect Wolverine, and even though he starred in one of the worst superhero flicks of all time (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), he made it bearable. His dedication and enthusiasm for the character raised nary a single casting concern in his long tenure, but now it has (seemingly) come to an end. Via Instagram:

It’s likely that Jackman’s final bow as the clawed berserker will be in the sequel to The Wolverine, which will be directed again by James Mangold, slated for release in 2017. Given the ongoing plans that Fox seems to have for the X-Men, it’s likely that the role will have to be recast for future installments.

Or, this instagram photo could just means this is his last solo Wolverine flick. Completing a trilogy. He loves this character, and has openly admitted to playing it as long as he can.

What do you make of this? If Jackman’s Wolverine is eventually recast, who do you think could take up take up the adamantium mantle?

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