For every Transformers or LEGO Movie, there’s a G.I. Joe, or Battleship, or Ouija. And since Hollywood isn’t going to let two three failures stop them from trying (unless your name’s Firefly, am I right nerds?), the studios are at it again, trying to turn the toy box into an idea factory. Now, 20th Century Fox has selected Play-Doh to be its next great hope for franchise potential. The transformative, colorful puddy has been a staple of playtime everywhere for the last 60 years, but now all that dough is going to get ready for its close-up courtesy of man who’s already up to his eye-balls in another viscous substance, Ghostbusters remaker Paul Feig.

According to Deadline, Fox has bought the rights to make the film from Play-Doh’s current owner Hasbro, and Feig is in negotiations to bring it to the big screen. Jason Micallef (Butter) has the unenviable task of turning Play-Doh into a script.

“The Play-Doh brand’s mission is to spark children’s imaginations and inspire creativity in their lives,” says Hasbro’s official site in regards to Play-Doh. “Kids can enjoy silly tactile fun while helping to build fine and gross motor skills.”

Likely, Fox is hoping to capitalize on the success of The LEGO Movie, another movie about toys meant to promote imagination and unstructured play. Perhaps the unshaped lumps of Play-Doh will face an uprising from all the Play-Doh that’s been put through various molds and strainers, and convinced of their own superiority. Honestly, who knows what a Play-Doh movie could possibly be about? Maybe it will be like the upcoming Pixels and we’ll see New York City being turned into giant mounds of clay by aliens. I guess we’ll find out…

Obviously there’s no word yet on a potential release date. In the meantime, Feig will be busy with the summer release of his new comedy Spy, and then we’ll be diving into the all-female Ghostbusters film, which is scheduled for release in July 2016.

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