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For BBC fans it’s a no-brainer, like the classic Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercial, “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter! No! You got your peanut butter on my Chocolate!” Mix some Doctor Who and Sherlock together in one special episode and everybody wins. Or do they?In a recent interview with EW, Doctor Who and Sherlock show-runner Steven Moffat was asked if one of the Internet’s favorite fan fiction pastimes might actually happen on the small screen.

My instinct—and this is probably from years of doing Doctor Who—is I’m just such a tart. If people want to, we should give it to them. But I got persuaded by Mark, Benedict, [executive producer Sue Vertue] and Martin saying, “Look, it will never be as good as they think it’s going to be,” and then I say, “Yes, but we’ll just bang it out and make it as good.” “Yeah, but you can’t give everybody everything they want all the time.” I’m in the camp of giving them everything they want. But I think they’re sane and right and I’m just a tart.

Turns out that Moffat isn’t the problem, or he’s just decided to throw Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman under that big red Double Decker bus.  What do you think? Throw in some Sherlock in the next Doctor Who Christmas Special?

Which camp are you in, the one that wants it no matter how bad.. or good it might be, or the camp that is worried that it could just be the Star Wars Christmas Special that brings down both series?

If you’re wondering how this crossover might work out, here’s one of the better fan made versions.

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