As gamers, we live from one reveal to the next, eagerly eating up any information thrown at us about what we’ll be playing next. This appetite for more tends to lead to leaks which, to be fair, are sometimes little more than excellent photo-shop jobs. This particular leak has an air of authenticity to it however, as Square-Enix has done little to hide the fact that it has indeed been working on a new game in the Deus Ex franchise. It’s not surprising at all given the success of the previous title, Human Revolution, but it’s really cool to get this early look at the next Deus Ex title all the same.

*Updated – It was officially announced before this was posted, so I’d like to add the following update:

Well, speak of the devil! Square-Enix, not wanting their own show to be stolen, dropped the official announcement trailer shortly after writing this. It’s a beautiful CG showcase of we have to look forward to, so check it the hell out. I can’t wait to see some real game play but, from what I’ve seen, my excitement level has risen dramatically!

If Kotaku is to be believed (and they should be) the new game’s title is going to be Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. A quick glance through the leaked screens also indicate that it’ll be very stylistically similar to Human Revolution and still features protagonist Adam Jensen. It’s also completely possible that this is simply an expansion to Human Revolution but, at least in my opinion, it would be a little too late for that. A full-fledged sequel would be more than welcome at this point, so that’s the most likely course of action for Squenix.
As always, this information could be false, but I think it’s safe to be excited for this one. I would expect a formal announcement to be made in the VERY near future. If not, it’s a sure bet for E3 2015. In the meantime, join me in hyperventilating over these awesome screenshots.

What do you think? Does it look as kick ass as a proper Desu Ex sequel should be? Are you ready to return to the franchise? Sound off in the comments section or let us know via Facebook or Twitter.

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