Agents of Shield is not the best of Marvels Cinematic product. Its not exactly a layered character drama or filled with particular heavy substance. It does serve as an episodic action-y filler in between all those tent-pole movies everyone gets all excited about (and certainly makes for a great digital billboard anytime Marvel wants to promote their commercials/trailers on).

Admittedly, the show has become more interesting as its gotten into the latter half of its second season. Long gone are the villain/alien tech of the week, which made the shows first season boringly procedural. Since the rise of Hydra, main characters are now on the run (from Hydra and each other), there’s doubt and betrayal abound, and there’s some nice side storylines going on building up to The Inhumans. Despite its growing pains and imbalance in focus, AOS has become a much more cohesive show building around the themes secrets, fear, and trust.

Agents of Shield is pretty much guaranteed to be renewed for a third season in the fall. What has come as a bit of surprise, however, is that ABC is quietly developing a Spin-Off. Say what?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the pilot is being developed by SHIELD Exec Producer Jeffrey Bell  (who’s also worked on Angel, Alias, and V) and SHIELD writer Paul Zbyszewski (previously of LOST and Hawaii Five-0).

With no episode built in to the current season of AOS to set up the spin-off, it’s hard to say who might be getting their own show.

Could it be Agent Carter? Carter was technically a miniseries, so maybe by a very technical and broad definition if the show was picked up as a regular thing it would qualify as a spin off?

Inhumans makes more sense in terms on building up the universe, and the scope they can have with it, some of the background already being delved into already. Though, I don’t think a show even has the budget to show Attilan in all it’s weirdness.  But yeah, it’s probably going to foreshadow the hell outta them whether there’s a spinoff about the Inhumans or not.

Of, course, the most obvious jump would be Agents of S.W.O.R.D.  – a counter-terrorism and intelligence agency split from S.H.I.E.L.D. Its purpose is to deal with extraterrestrial threats to world security aboard the orbital space station known as the Peak.

Personally, I’m thinking that AoS will slowly start focusing more on the Civil War plot and the two factions squaring off. But who can tell at this point.

I like AOS but no characters or story-lines so far are commanding any more screen-time then they’re getting in the show, to me at least. AOS bungees from being okay to being slightly impressive to being really bad. I think they need to focus on building their characterization and plot before planning any sort of spin-off.

If this spin-off goes ahead and we don’t get a second season of Agent Carter, that will be a sure misstep. But, if that means a multi-camera combination of Hydra and Office Space in sitcom format, I think I would be OK with that.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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