It’s the final countdown! No, not that awful 80s hit by Europe that’s now more commonly known as the theme music of GOB’s magic show on Arrested Development. We’re getting off topic, but what we’re talking about here is Daredevil. It maybe Marvel Studios third series, but it’s their first one for Netflix, and a drastic change in tone and purpose as recounted in the advanced review by Nerd Bastards el hefe Luke Gallagher. Still, we’ve been plagued by a singular question about the series that has to do with a very specific item: costume design. We’ve all wanted to know if the costume that Daredevil’s worn for much of his 50 year history will be the one worn by Charlie Cox at some point in the series, and now we have an answer…

Since photos and clips had started to be released for Daredevil, fans have seen images of Cox as Matt Murdock, and images of Cox in a black ninja costume a la Frank Miller‘s Man Without Fear miniseries retelling of the character’s origins. So the question became, will Daredevil ever don his distinctive red outfit at any point during the show? Well, on the eve of the release of all 13 episodes of the first season, Marvel gives you an answer (via Twitter of course).

Shall we embiggen that for you?

Not exactly a great look at the costume, but from what we’re able to see of it, there’s definitely a marked improvement from what Ben Affleck was asked to wear when he played the Man Without Fear in 2003’s big screen Daredevil. When will it appear? Looks likely you’ll have to plow through the first several episodes in order to get to those scenes, but I think we all know that you’re going to be staying up late, or getting up in the wee small hours to start binging this thing, aren’t you?

All 13 first season episodes of Daredevil go live tonight at midnight PST

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