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If you are anything like the rest of the world, you probably spent much of your weekend binge watching the newest Netflix series, Marvel’s Daredevil.  If you spent your weekend becoming one with the couch as you observed Matt Murdock dispensing his brutal brand of justice, you can definitely consider it time well spent.  The series, while much darker and bloodier than its MCU siblings, displays the type of storytelling that has made Marvel Studios a force to be reckoned with.  The seamlessly woven story isn’t the only thing that the new series has in common with its brethren – As with every Marvel property, be it on the small screen or the big, the creators had some fun by dropping some Easter eggs for some of the more eagle-eyed viewers. Ready for an Easter egg hunt?  Warning – minor spoilers ahead.  Nothing too revealing but, still, you are warned.


Now, we are absolutely loving the new series over here at Nerd Bastards and we were able to catch many of the more obvious Easter eggs, and more than a couple of the more subtle nods to the universe. However, we have absolutely NOTHING on Mr. Sunday Movies, who has put together a great video outlining every single Easter egg in the new Netflix series!  That is dedication!  Go ahead and take a gander, or, if you prefer, skip the video to read a few of our personal favorites!

We aren’t quite sure if Mr. Sunday Movies is obsessed with Marvel’s Daredevil or with Easter eggs, or if he is simply the type of maniac to actually remember every single issue of Daredevil ever but whatever the case may be, thank you!

It is fair to say that anytime any Easter egg is left in any genre flick, we get a nice little case of the Happys.  As the video above is more than capable of pointing out, there are plenty of those little treats spread throughout Daredevil and while many are pretty awesome, there are a few that we think are really just the bee’s knees.  Onto just a few of our favorites!

Mike Murdock

Easter Egg - Mike

After meeting Claire Temple in the new series, in an attempt to conceal his identity, Matt asks Claire to call him “Mike”. Fans of the comic book series are familiar with “Mike Murdock”, who is Matt Murdock disguised as his own twin brother. Not sure how people buy this one but, hey, I still don’t get how the public still doesn’t recognize Superman is Clark Kent.

Fogwell’s Gym

Easter Egg - Fogwell

While tied to the death of his father, Fogwell’s is more commonly remembered as the abandoned gym in which Matt trained to become the badass he was destined to become.

The Greek Girl


You remember that scene when Foggy mentions “the Greek girl” in Matt’s past? I wonder to whom he was referring. Hmmm…

Stan Lee

Easter Egg - Stan

Who doesn’t love a good Stan The Man cameo?? No, this isn’t a Tropic Thunder-style cameo for The Man. Take a look over the officer’s left shoulder and you’ll see a mug with which you are no doubt familiar.

Stilt Man

In Melvin Potters workshop, Stilt Man’s legs are on display. Yeah, you read that right: Stilt Freakin’ Man now officially exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just let this sink in for a minute or two.

If you haven’t taken the time to catch Marvel’s Daredevil, what the hell are you waiting for?? All 13 episodes are now available to stream exclusively on Netflix and, trust us, you will not regret watching.

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