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Well, this was almost sadly inevitable, and things were going so well for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment with Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice coming out in less than a year, and Suicide Squad building some solid hype now that productions begun… As of this morning though, there’s news that there’s now trouble in paradise, or rather on Paradise Island. The long suffering superhero franchise in waiting, Wonder Woman, must now endure another setback, and it’s an old story if you’ve been following along with the seemingly decades long attempt to make the Amazonian princess into a big screen action star. Sadly, the search for a director is on again with Michelle MacLaren out of the job.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad director MacLaren is out of Wonder Woman due to, say it with me, “creative differences”:

“Given creative differences, Warner Bros. and Michelle MacLaren have decided not to move forward with plans to develop and direct Wonder Woman together.”

It’s one of those surprising/not-so-surprising developments. On the one hand it seemed as though Warner/DC might have finally got their $#!% together, but on the other, not even Joss Whedon was able to break this film, and that was before the whole weight and commitment of being a team player in a shared comic book universe became a thing.

The hiring of MacLaren seemed like a slam dunk because she’s a) a highly accomplished director with credits on her CV any filmmaker would kill for and b) she’s a woman. Warners has been pretty clear on wanting a woman to direct the movie about comics’ oldest, most well-known superheroine, and in following the Marvel model, hiring talented TV and indie filmmakers to helm their big franchise pictures, it seemed MacLaren was the ideal candidate. So what went wrong?

Could this be the Edgar Wright syndrome at play? A clash between a director’s individual vision clashing with the overall studio demand that Wonder Woman fit specific dimensions due to her place in the grander slate of films being released is not unexpected or unlikely. While Wonder Woman‘s not scheduled for release until the summer of 2017, production will likely have to begin before the year’s end, which means that a new director will have about seven months to be hired, brought up to speed, and then start putting their own stamp on the material in order for Wonder Woman to make its release date. But is anyone going to be willing to make themselves potential meatgrinder material for the opportunity? I guess we’ll see.

We’ll keep you posted with any new developments about Wonder Woman.

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