Netflix is all in when it comes to new series these days, Daredevil, Orange is the New Black, and now a new 13 episode animated series from DreamworksHow To Train Your Dragon franchise, Dragons: Race to the Edge.


Entertainment Weekly describes the series:

DreamWorks Animation’s Dragons: Race to the Edgefollows Hiccup and the Dragon Riders beyond the boundaries of Berk as they come upon an ancient artifact known as the Dragon Eye, which leads them to discover a slew of unknown dragons in new lands. The only hitch is a gang of marauding dragon hunters, who are also after the secrets and power of the Dragon Eye.

Although the new series is aimed at children, there are plenty of adult sized kids ready for more adventures with Hiccup and Toothless come the June 26th release date.

It is interesting to not that since the first movie in 2010 the franchise has used a number of mediums to further the story using a Cartoon Network series Defenders of Berk to fill in the gap between the first movie and the sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2. Netflix’s Race to the Edge will continue the story until the 2018 release of How to Train Your Dragon 3 hits theater screens.

Will you be tuning in for a weekend binge in June to watch some Toothless action?

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