It’s Friday, so it’s time for the week’s weirdest news item, and what could be weirder than a casting announcement for the bizarro sequel to a 33-year-old film that bombed at the box office when it originally came out? Well, that’s brutal because Blade Runner‘s become very well thought of the last three decades, which makes it very attractive to be sequelized in the here and now. Speaking of attractive, Ryan Gosling has now been added to the cast of the sequel. Gosling will join the returning Harrison Ford for the new Blade Runner, which will continue the story of Deckard, the Replicants, and a fascinating futuristic world now only four years away that looks nothing like our own.

So who’s Gosling playing? Damned if we know. All Deadline said was that he’s in this thing now while reiterating that Ford will return as “Blade Runner” and possible Replicant Rick Deckard. Prisoner and Enemy director Denis Villenueve is making the film from a script by Michael Green and original Blade Runner co-screenwriter Hampton Fancher. Ridley Scott came up with the idea for the film’s story with Fancher.

The casting of Gosling in and of itself is interesting because this is just the sort of project he goes out of his way to avoid doing. Seriously, he hasn’t been the part of a franchise since Young Hercules. He’s now made the segue into directing with his debut feature Lost River having been released last year. Before that, his last acting role was Only God Forgives from his Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, and even fans of that movie will admit that it’s hard to get into. The closest Gosling’s ever gotten to mainstream Hollywood since The Notebook is when he was directed by George Clooney (The Ides of March) or romancing Emma Stone (in Gangster Squad, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.).

The addition of Gosling to the cast of Blade Runner 2: Run Harder (or whatever) instantly makes the project a bit more intriguing, because you’re forced to wonder just what it might be about the script to attract such a choosy guy as Gosling? On the other hand, maybe he’s just a huge Blade Runner nerd and signed up sight unseen. I guess we’ll find out.

We’ll have more news on Blade Runner the sequel as it develops.

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