Wow, we didn’t even get an extended trailer yet and the folks over at Screen Junkies are giving Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice the Honest Trailer Treatment. They’re right though, a trailer goes up on the Internet and everyone losses their minds. Makes you wonder if the Joker is in charge of Warner Bros. marketing department. This is almost as epic a fight as that time Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent fought over the covers…


You’ll have to get the comic to find out who wins that one. I’m not going to spoil it for ya.

What do you think? Are Screen Junkies right? Has everyone lost their ever-lovin-minds over this trailer? There’s a comment in there about how awesome the Star Wars Trailer was and that is the true cause of all this fan – (boy and girl) backlash.


Yes, that was Patton Oswalt in there, talking about brooding. here’s the original video that came from:

Via: Screen Junkies

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