As opposed to other recent additions of Star Wars Celebration, the annual mutual nerdgasm for Star Wars fans, is that there was a lot of new goodness from that galaxy far, far away. Of course the biggest thing to hit was the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the official first insight into the initial round of Star Wars anthology films, but for the last year, if you wanted a Star Wars fix, you had only the weekly adventures of Star Wars Rebels to feed the beast. So at Celebration this past weekend, the Disney/Lucasfilm gang gave Rebels fans some teases of their own, a new trailer with a couple of familiar faces from either end of the saga, but linked together by legend.

As revealed in the season finale of Rebels, Anakin Skywalker’s former padawan Ashoka Tano was revealed to be the Rebel informant Fulcrom. Coincidentally, the reveal came at the same time as a new enemy emerged to plague the ragtag resisters to Imperial rule, the one and only Dark Lord of the Sith. In an added bonus, James Earl Jones, who voiced Vader in all the Star Wars movies, will be providing his vocal talents to Rebels.

As the below new trailer for season two indicates, things start to heat up for Kanan and the crew of the Ghost with new Sith emerging as Vader goes medieval on the planet Lothal to drive out the rebels, but especially Kanan and his own apprentice Ezra. Meanwhile, another familiar face from the Clone Wars animated series also returns to lend the heroes a hand, beloved Clone trooper Captain Rex.

Let’s roll the new season two trailer for Rebels.

No sign of the mysterious new character being played by Sarah Michelle Gellar either, although rumor has it that she’s playing a young Princess Leia. The producers add though that neither Vader nor Ashoka will be a regular part of the show, but their roles will be “significant” as the show goes forward. “Significant” maybe putting it mildly if they’re building up to battle being portrayed in the following poster.



Star Wars Rebels returns this fall on Disney XD.

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