When the trailer for Zack Snyder‘s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice leaked onto the Internet days before the big special screenings planned around the United States, many wondered if Warner Bros. would follow Marvel‘s example in the wake of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer leak by releasing the official trailer online, (Curse you Hydra!) and showing additional footage at the big screenings. Well, Warner Bros. did exactly that. You’ve seen the high quality trailer that was released online, now check out the additional footage shown at the special screening.Because we knew that was gonna get out the same way the trailer did, didn’t we?

Well, that was certainly dramatic, but also sucked balls at the same time. The big climatic fight and all we get is the incredibly anticlimactic build up to the first blow? Kinda feel let down here. How about showing up some Wonder Woman or gasp.. Jessie Eisenberg as the villainous Lex Luther?

I feel like the dog on the leash that is lead to the edge of the grass and then let no further. All I wanted to do was sniff what Snyder’s dog dropped on the grass… all I wanted was Bruce Wayne and Alfred entering the Batcave:

Alfred… We’re home.


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