"Alex Cross" Press Conference

The commercial success of director Jonathan Liebesman‘s 2014 reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cannot be denied as much as many hard-core fans might want to wish it away into the cornfield. That financial success made a sequel a slam dunk for the beans counters over at Paramount. Word is that Megan Fox and Will Arnett are already signed and returning for the sequel with the Arrow‘s Stephen Amell locked in to play Casey Jones. Now word is making the Internet rounds that Tyler Perry is joining the cast and will play Baxter Stockman, the mad scientist and TMNT adversary.tmnt-11-10

Stockman is a scientist that creates the Mousers, robots created to hunt rats in the sewers. Once Shredder learns of the Mousers he hires Stockman, intent on having the Mousers find and kill Splinter, the turtles Sensi and mentor. Stockman went on to create his own robotic suit to join the fight.

BaxterStockman 001

Although some of his science didn’t turn out as well when he transformed himself in this:


Which version we’ll see in director David Green‘s TMNT sequel is still up in the air, we might get both once Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec finish up the script.

What do you think of this bit of casting news?

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