If you’re bored and want a little excitement in your nerdy life, just go down to your local comic shop, stroll in and loudly proclaim that there’s no way that Batman could ever beat Superman, or the Thing is stronger than the Hulk, or cross the DC/Marvel lines with one of my favorites – Who wins in a Namor/Aquaman fight? Bring some snacks, you’re most likely going to have someone take the bait and start a lively discussion. With Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, the old Batman versus Superman fight topic is back on the top of the Who Would Win arguments happening in comic book shops, the back of school buses, and the Internet. Who better to answer the question of why Superman doesn’t just use his incredible powers to take out Batman in a single blow is Henry Cavill, that man who plays Superman himself.


At the recent Cinemacon 2015 JoBlo.com asked Cavill that very question. Cavill’s answer shows that he has a deep knowledge of the character’s moral center.

Well, if Superman is Superman, which he is, he wouldn’t, and therein lies your answer.

I really like this answer, it shows that Cavill understands his character. Of course he did crack General Zod’s neck when he had to, so I wouldn’t expect him to just let Batman punch him around with Kryptonite gloves for an hour.

Of course this will in no way change anyone’s engrained stance about the subject. You really can’t change anyone’s state of mind about these things. If they think Batman has a chance and will beat Superman because of Bruce Wayne’s incredible intellect and years of relentless training, you’re not going to convince them otherwise. It’s fun to try though.

By now most of you are dieing to give your own argument on who would win… so go for it in the comments section below.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theater screens March 25th, 2016.

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