While it may seem like a small detail at first glance, a film’s title plays a big role in not only the marketing, but also establishing your first impression of what you’ll be watching. The subject, theme, intent; anything really, can be built into the name in order to prepare you for what you’re about to see. Imagine going to see a movie called Pocket Lint that ends up being a detective yarn about a serial arsonist. Perhaps something called Lampshade that ends up being about an alien invasion set in the Elizabethan era. Not only would those both be confusing, they’d be down right stupid. So it’s no surprise that Marvel and Sony, clearly keeping over-analyzers like myself in mind, are reported to be eying a certain exciting new working title for the newest Spider-film.

Now all this is just rumor at this point, so take everything with that Internet Grain of Salt of Unusual Size. Many thought that the new Spider-Man movie would be called The Spectacular Spider-Man, Umberto Gonzales, formerly from Latino Review, tweeted over the weekend that the potential working title will be:
Spider-Man: The New Avenger.
Given their intent to phase Spidey back into the larger MCU picture, this title makes perfect sense. Lending a pinch of credence to the rumored title is the notion that, when Avengers: Infinity War hits, it’s expected to feature an entirely new team of Avengers. If Spider-Man is to be a part of that new team after his Captain America: Civil War tie-in, subtitling his newest movie as The Newest Avenger makes a lot of sense.
As usual, this information is not solid, but it DOES undeniably make a lot of sense for the MCU plans we already know about. It was also very confusing for them to title the last Spider-series as The Amazing Spider-Man given that it seemed to skew heavily towards the Ultimate universe, so pumping the brakes on the exciting adjectives would be an excellent idea. It certainly raises my own level of anticipation for the movie.
What do you think of the new title? Does it make it more exciting for you too? As always, please sound off in the comments.

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