Horror fans will be excited to learn that Adam Wingard, the man behind splatter-fests You’re Next and The Guest, will be directing a live-action adaptation of the popular anime/manga series Death Note. This will be a fully-American feature produced by Warner Bros., in English, and hopefully the source material won’t be gutted for the mainstream audience.

Adam Wingard is best known for his participation in anthology series’ like ABCs of Death and V/H/S, but now he’s taking on the popular Death Note series. The horror auteur will be directing a live-action, American adaptation of the popular story, hopefully in keeping with the original content.

American reboots never seem to turn out well, as this American Sailor Moon advert can attest, but hopefully having a gorehound like Wingard on the project will ground it enough to not see a repeat of that sad display. Details on the film’s content are scarce at the moment, but we do know Jeremy Slater, known for the new Fantastic Four film and the Lazarus Project, wrote the script for it.

The original manga and anime didn’t run for too long, in comparison with other Anime. The anime ended with thirty-six twenty-minute episodes and two feature animated specials to even out the story. All-in-all, one film cannot adequately encapsulate the story. Hell, even Japan took three films to finish out their live-action run.

One wonders if they’ll decide to turn the series into a trilogy, which seems to be a popular trend, or leave it as a one-off. Also, while the content is definitely dark, Death Note isn’t a straight-up horror. If they decide to lean more into scares than they do plot, the film could easily turn into a bit of a flat mess. Alternatively, an American audience may crave a scarier adaptation rather than a direct replication. It’s a bit of a toss-up.

We’ll ultimately have to wait for more details, but there’s no denying that with so many factors, this is a project steeped in difficulty. Hopefully a relatively-new director can handle the workload.

Are you guys pumped for this, or should America steer clear of adapting the series? Let us know!



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