What better way to celebrate 50 years of SHIELD than with a brand new series of one-shot comics, most of which featuring some of Marvel’s loveliest ladies! What’s even better is that women will be writing some of the comics, which is a win-win on the feminist front!  One-shots by ladies, about ladies!  And not just any ladies, mind you; these are the kick-ass women of SHIELD.

No names have been announced for illustration, but here’s the list so far of titles and writers:

  • Fury – David Walker
  • Agent May – Jody Houser
  • Mockingbird – Chelsea Cain
  • Quake – Matt Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon
  • Agent Carter – Kathryn Immonen

SHIELD editor Jon Moisan has shared about the project, “the link between these one-shots will be more thematic than story based. While characters from other stories in the series might show up in issues other than their own, the true tie between these is in the way they celebrate and pay respect to SHIELD’s past while creating really interesting ways for these characters to move forward.”

Other inside info from Moisan was that Peggy’s book will “shed some more light on her past and give some insight into her relationship with SHIELD,” Quake’s comic will “ill-in some of [her] backstory and explore her relationship with her father and previously unseen mother,” Mockingbird’s story will be “truly badass,” and May’s comic will allow her to take center stage for the very first time.

Back to the female writers on board for this, we’ve got some serious heavy-hitters here. Jody Houser, set to pen the Agent May comic is currently working on Orphan Black for IDW; Kathryn Immomen, set for Agent Carter, has just wrapped up a five issue Operation S.I.N arc for our girl Peggy, and Chelsea Cain, writing for Mockingbird, is already a New York Times best-selling thriller writer.

All of these one-shots seem pretty full of strong, fierce female potential, and I’m sure that readers of either gender enjoy learning more about SHIELD through these ladies.

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