We’ve got the first on set pictures of Will Smith as Deadshot in David Ayers‘ upcoming Suicide Squad. Pictured above is the Batman: Arkham Origins video game version of the character, which I suspect will be the one that translates onto the big screen. It’s a more grounded look for DC’s deadliest shooter than the traditional red and white version most fans would rather see. Trouble is, that traditional red suit isn’t brooding enough for the average Warner Bros./DC movie these days. Just Jared posted the pictures below showing Will Smith/Floyd Lawton Christmas shopping with his family. Notice the belt buckle, that will probably mean something in the long run. This could be a flashback, or perhaps Deadshot is allowed special time with his family for a Suicide Squad job well done. I’m leaning toward the origin scene myself with Lawton’s past/work life catching up to him and his happy family in a way that doesn’t end well and propels Lawton toward life as Deadshot.

What do you think of the look? When we do finally get a look at the Deadshot costume, I find myself wondering how much of Smith’s face will be covered. You know he’s got to get his face time in there. Perhaps the scene above is the only time we see Smith’s full face in the movie.

Via: Just Jared

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