You could say superpowers don’t really exists, but then you’ve never unleashed the wrath of a women scorned. I once made the mistake of calling my wife overweight (I am not a smart man) and suddenly she had the strength of the Thing and The Hulk combined, as well as the ability of throwing any object with the accuracy of a Tomahawk missile.

But, yeah, for the mos part super powers are figments of imagination brought to life in the pages of comics and super hero movies. There is, though, a science to it all. People much smarter than me can explain the physics and mechanics behind the abilities of our favorite heroes, as well as how science may one day be able to make such feats of fantasy possible.

In the latest Nerdist Because Science video,  host Kyle Hill focuses on the super-soldier serum that was used to turn scrawny Steve Rogers into the superhero Captain America. 

Let me know when they’re ready for clinical trials. I will volunteer as tribute. Maybe then I can finally bend over and tie my shoes without getting out of breath.


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