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ABOVE: To be totally honest, I’ve needed a break from seeing Harley cosplays. They’re everywhere, which makes sense, because she’s awesome. But then I saw this mashup (by Scarlett Quinn) and now I want to see cosplays of Harley mashed into every single universe in Nerdom. [GeeksxGirls]

Good morning….

A video posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

The best part of this is that Jackman provided zero context whatsoever, but then again, do you even need a reason to sing this song? [Geekologie]

Hot Toys Batman and Bruce Wayne Sixth Scale Figure Set

Hot Toys is releaseing a Batman Returns Batman and Bruce Wayne figure set. I am 100% creeped out by how lifelike these look.

gCreate_painted ultron helmet final

See the evolution of this rad 3D printed Ultron mask.

Borderlands inspired pants.

star wars

Midi-chlorins are magically delicious! The Force will be with your breakfast in June. [That’s Nerdalicious]

If you hacked into any superhero cell phones lately, check out the latest conversations at Texts From Superheroes.


Chain Chomp Super Mario Bros. inspired cat bed by Catastrophic Creations. [Nerd Approved]

The people of Melbourne, Australia got together with LEGO Master Builders Chris and Dan Steininger to build the largest LEGO Millennium Falcon.

These guys built a Super Star Destroyer just to watch it crash to the ground.

The Imperial March has never sounded more menacing!

WatchMojo explores the origins of Archangel.

This kid is quite possibly better at being Bruce Lee than Bruce Lee himself.

Jeez, even cute fan remakes forget about Black Widow.

Don’t watch this if you haven’t seen Age of Ultron yet. [Geeks Are Sexy]

The Green Ranger and Ryu face off in Loot Crate’s Super Power Beat Down.

And Now T-Shirts You Gotta Buy Today!



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