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A new picture has been tweeted that might just be Jerad Leto as Joker and Margot Robbie as Harely Quinn together for the first time in David AyersSuicide Squad. We’ll let you take a look and decide for yourself.

#DC Live Feed tweeted the image below:

Is it live, or is it just a figment of a fan’s demented imagination? I’m leaning toward this being fake myself, mainly because of how Harley looks in the picture, the length of her hair etc… But that could also just be a wig. We don’t know how long ago that Joker picture was really done, so this could be the followup.

Either way I love that someone took this to the next level. The tattoos on Joker’s back are hilarious, “Kick Me” sign and Puddin’ tramp stamp… classic.

Via: DCLive

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