So Marvel makes Guardians of the Galaxy. Turns out what was  – on paper – a laughably ridiculous concept, made for a immensely successfully blockbuster hit. Now every studio wants their own Guardians of the Galaxy-type movie.

Dreamworks comes up to bat with a brand new sci-fi action comedy called Alpha Squad Seven. And just because he’s the IN thing right now, they’ve also got Dwayne Johnson attached to the project. Yeah, Guardians of the Galaxy with The Rock? You can just picture a studio guy at Dreamworks nodding his head saying to himself “yeah… I’m so getting a raise.” 

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of the project, but then got confirmed by Johnson himself:

Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer are behind the pitch. They’re writing the sequel to the Jaden Smith Karate Kid film and created a Hollywood bidding war with this “four-quadrant action-comedy adventure set in space.”

In Johnson’s Instagram link, he gives some more info on the film:

It’s a big one. Excited to announce our partnership w/ DreamWorks & my long time producer Beau Flynn. I’ll star in and produce (along w/ Flynn) ALPHA SQUAD 7 – a big sci-fi action comedy. Thank you DreamWorks CEO Michael Wright and the man himself – Steven Spielberg – for wanting to partner up and make something globally awesome for the fans. And as for the fans – can’t wait to create these characters for y’all – handsome, charming, ass kicking, flawed and slightly cranky of a hero leading the one and only Alpha Squad into space. And he may bring along some bald dude named Rock. #ALPHASquad7 #WhatHappensInSpace #StaysInSpace #WeHope

No word yet on when ALPHA SQUAD 7 is set to be released. It’s got to, though, take a back burner to Johnson’s current film slate. He’s got San Andreas (in which he fights and earthquake)  later this month, a new HBO series called Ballers coming soon, he’s filming a comedy with Kevin Hart called Central Intelligence, is a voice in a new Disney movie Moana, and will eventually be a super-villain in Shazam.

Rock seems to be like the Energizer bunny he keeps going and going…

As for the concept itself? Maybe drop the 7 from the title? Has no one learned from Leonard Part 6? Joking aside, as much as this sounds like a GOTG rip-off, it could be fun and different in its own way. While some of the Rocks movies have been terrible (anyone see Hercules?) his flicks tend to be big-events with the sort of grand scale action and adventure that makes going to the movies fun. I can totally picture him as a muscle bound buffoon (much like in Pain & Gain) leading a misfit group of space aces.

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