If you haven’t really been paying much attention to the Internet lately then it may have slipped right by you that Ryan Reynolds is having the time of his life on Tim Miller‘s Deadpool set in Vancouver, Canada. If he’s not mugging for the camera or posting Happy Mother’s Day pictures like the one above, then he’s grabbing fans for selfies and shaking hands of people simply walking by the set. This time Reynolds has started up a verified Instagram account and posted a new all action Deadpool shot.Here’s the embeded Instagram picture so you can add it to your daily feed:

Stuck the landing. With my mouth.

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Oh yeah, this movie is going to kick all our asses. The shot is from the bridge scene that took about seven days to film. Many folks are speculating that this scene kicks off the movie, setting the stage for the ultra violent and joke cracking that will follow.

One question that has been popping up on the Internet that I find very interesting is: “Will there be a Stan Lee cameo?” or more importantly, will there be a Rob Liefeld cameo and will Deadpool pull a fourth wall on that. I’d have to say that a Liefeld cameo is more likely.

What do you think and which would you prefer?


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