In a truly surprising move ABC has released a number of their new shows trailers today and two of them are NOT some form of Police Procedurals! Uncle Buck, and the muppets get their first trailers, check them out after the jump.

Let’s start with the muppets because that is really the one we are all interested in.

I’ve got to say that I am feeling a little better about this whole personal lives premise. The trailer had that Muppets feel and I loved that the Muppets were aware of all the old network television series tricks. Breaking that fourth wall should be fun to see as the series progresses.

I can sum up Uncle Buck with a quote from Uncle Buck:

Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that series off your network! Good day to you, ABC.

I’m gonna call it now when it comes to Uncle Buck. This show shouldn’t survive this first trailer. That’s right, this show is another one and done, one trailer and done. The Internet is going to crucify this series based on this one trailer. Uncle Buck is already slated as a mid-season replacement series, and I doubt it will even get that far after watching that trailer.

Well, I guess maybe I should have let you watch it first, but I would rather take that viewing pain bullet for you. If you are into self-abuse, go ahead and watch it.

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