Gotham season one was a success for Fox, the Batman-prequel series brought in enough viewers to guarantee not just a full-season order, but an early renewal for the second season. But while audiences seem to be at least satisfied with what Gotham‘s doings, critical and fan reaction has been decidedly mixed. If there is a gripe to be had that’s universal, it’s the series’ obsession with skating on the hype of doing prequel versions of every last single member of Batman’s rogues gallery, but there’s still some members who haven’t got their time in the spotlight yet. On deck for season two, according to the producers, The Joker and Mr. Freeze.

According to Eric Goldman from IGN (via the news that the future origins of Joker and Freeze will be revealed in Gotham season 2 was announced at Fox’s Upfronts presentation yesterday.


You may recall that the season one episode “The Blind Fortune Teller” we were introduced to Jerome played by Shameless’ Cameron Monaghan, and it was more than just strongly implied that he was the future Clown Prince of Crime. Of course, Gotham wouldn’t be that gauche would it? Probably. And then there was the introduction of the Red Hood in the following episode. Gotham sure does love teasing the eventual emergence of the Joker. As for Freeze, I remember executive producer Danny Cannon saying that he had a great idea for a Mr. Freeze storyline last summer. I guess he’s going to get his chance to make it a reality.


In other Gotham season two news, Morena Baccarin is being promoted to series regular, according to TVLine. Baccarin plays Dr. Leslie Thompkins, a love interest for Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) who in the comic books has a history being a maternal figure for young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). None of that’s been addressed on Gotham yet, but perhaps the series will start to explore that in the comic season, especially now that Thompkins is a full-time member of the cast.

Gotham returns Mondays this fall on Fox.

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