Well, maybe not leaked exactly, but the true identity of Marvel‘s female Thor hits newsstands and comic book shops tomorrow. Since most shops get the weeks comics the night before or morning of, it was sure that someone would post this big reveal before most could get to their local shop to pick it up. Now would be the time that we would insert a huge spoiler warning for anyone that doesn’t want to know.


Here’s the issue’s cover:


Last chance to back out and avoid spoilers!






We might as well get to the big reveal now that you’ve counted down:


Jane Foster, makes a lot of sense and she was one of the top contenders in most forum arguments about Thor’s true identity.Now we’ve got the mystery of why it is killing her… thoughts?

We’ll probably see something about this on the Today Show or The View. That seems to be Marvel’s preferred method of talking about any to do with female superheros.

Don’t worry though, Marvel will be right back to ignoring or misusing their female superheros in no time. Remember that great scene with Black Widow on the motorcycle? Marvel’s toy makers don’t.


Via: Team Hellions

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