It wasn’t surprising that fans seemed more than a little upset after they got a look at CBS‘s first Supergirl trailer. There were quite a number of things that went horribly wrong with that trailer. After watching it a few times I started to see the disconnect that bothered me the most was the background music. It was a horrible mixture of pop music and the standard “slap a song in there” choices that literally sunk that trailer for myself and more than a few fans. Then watched it without sound and found myself seeing things I liked, and those things that had bothered me, suddenly weren’t so bad. Thankfully, after a quick Internet search I found that someone else had beat me to the punch and changed the music, along with more than a few edits to show fans what this series true potential is.

Thanks SoloJones, you’ve certainly given us, and those that market television shows at CBS some serious things to consider when they cut the next Supergirl trailer.

What did you think? Would this trailer have gotten you to tune in? I understand that Kara’s personal life is going to be a big part of the series, but when it gets that added soundtrack of goofiness it just kills whatever humor and fun there was in those scenes.

Although those personal life scenes were the most painful to watch, I can’t imagine the trio of Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti, and Andrew Kreisberg, the guys who brought us Arrow and The Flash would miss the mark so wide on Supergirl. Compare those first trailers and you can see that somewhere, someone, most likely the folks at CBS, stepped in and demanded some changes which resulted in that awful first trailer.

I’m still going to check out the series because those action scenes looked great and I think Supergirl the series will end up much different from that first trailer.

What about you?


I knew it. Just look at this promo that came out today. It is everything right from the first trailer with the proper music to accompany it.

Tell me that doesn’t get you ready to tune in, I dare you. That damn goofy music in the first trailer is gone and replaced with music that makes you want to shake your fist in the air in triumph. I knew that the guys that brought us Arrow and The Flash wouldn’t let us down.


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