It’s practically official – Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios have decided on Asa Butterfield to star as their Spider-Man. It has been confirmed that Butterfield’s reps are now under negotiations with Marvel, and an official announcement will be released soon after. Our new, younger Spidey beat out a bunch of great actors, as seen from the various leaked short-lists for the role. Nat Wolff, Liam James, Tom Holland, and Timothee Chalamet were among the other notable contenders.

Not many details are known about the extent of this particular Peter Parker’s role, but Marvel has said that he will make his debut in Captain America: Civil War, which is currently in production and due out next May.

So you may be wondering, what’s with the age drop on our friendly neighborhood web-slinger? It’s been said that Marvel wanted to hone in on a timeframe in Peter Parker’s life that has, as of yet, not garnered much attention. Viewers will now be able to watch Parker navigate through the pits and perks of high school a little more before he’s set loose upon the world.

Although Civil War may be Butterfield’s first appearance, a solo Spider-Man movie with Sony and MCU characters is set to follow on July 28, 2017. Rumors have been flying that Sony and Marvel may have more up their sleeves for Spidey besides the two confirmed projects, but nothing official has been announced for the time being.

Back to Butterfield; this kid has already held his own in the Oscar-winning film Hugo, and while Ender’s Game didn’t do so great at the box offices, Asa’s portrayal of main character Ender Wiggins showed us that he’s fully capable in a starring role. The roster of names he beat out for the part of Peter Parker should be indicative enough that we should expect a great things from this performance.


Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter tweeted the following after trying to confirm this latest Spider-Man rumor:

He also responded to those saying that Deadline had confirmed the rumor saying:

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