Seth Rogen tweeted the first official image from the Preacher set last night, a first look for fans at both Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) and Arseface (Ian Colletti). The new show is scheduled to air  on AMC sometime later this year.Here’s the tweet:

Here’s a closer look:


For those of you asking why anyone would be named Arseface, in Preacher, Arseface tried to kill himself with a shotgun and things went even more horribly wrong than he could have ever imagined when he didn’t die. His story is much more twisted and tragic than just that though. I’m looking forward to seeing how the production manages to bring it, or even half of it, to the small screen.

If you haven’t read the series, go grab a trade of the first few issues and sit down for some interesting reading. Garth Ennis is one fantastically twisted writer and Steve Dillon is a fantastic artist. His Punisher art is still my favorite. In fact, Garth Ennis writes a great Punisher storyline well worth checking out.

Via: Seth Rogen Twitter

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