George Miller Reveals Title of Next Mad Max Movie


Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller has been a busy guy as of late. Critics and moviegoers alike are going crazy for Mad Max, and the film has caused a frenzy in the world of social media. After just joining Twitter yesterday, Miller’s very first tweet promised us “more Max to come” which surely means a sequel. Ideas for such have supposedly been in the works for a while now, although details have changed a bit when it comes to the title.

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Miller’s initial plan, back in 2010, was to film Fury Road and jump right into production on a sequel- Mad Max: Furiosa. According to Miller’s appearance on The Q&A Podcast, however, the next title will actually be Mad Max: The Wasteland.

Some more details are set, such as Tom Hardy being signed on for three more movies. Others remain to be seen, such as if Charlize Theron will be back in her role as Furiosa. Could this be the reason for the name change? Wasteland still seems highly appropriate though, given the landscape of the first film. Viewers will just have to wait and see!

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