Batman & Robin was nearly 20 years ago now. Yeah. In that time George Clooney has become an accomplished writer, director, producer and an Academy Award-winning actor. He’s worked with a variety of collaborators like Steven Soderbergh, the Coen Brothers, Alexander Payne, and Alfonso Cuaron, hardly the sort of hackery that became associated with B&R director Joel Schumacher back in the summer of ’97. You might say that Batman & Robin was Clooney’s original sin, and he’s paying the price for it these last two decades. So in the interest of continued penance, Clooney was once again called to apologize while doing a round of promotion for his new movie Tomorrowland.

“I always apologize for Batman & Robin,” Clooney said on The Graham Norton Show.

Clooney explained how while on a trip to New York Comic Con last year to promote Tomorrowland, he was called upon to again offer regrets for this participation in the comic book debacle of the century. “I did Batman & Robin…which was a disaster. Other than that, there’s never been a reason for me to go to Comic Con,” he explained

“Let me just say that I actually thought I destroyed the franchise, ya know, until they brought it back and changed it… I thought at the time, this was going to be a good career move,” Clooney added. “Um, it wasn’t.”

So, are we done now? Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman haven’t had to apologize this much for Ishtar. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have more or less been allowed to go on with their lives unimpeded by the mass bombing that was Gigli. Tommy Wisseau has built an entire industry on being terrible. Clooney has done a lot of great work on the big screen since Batman & Robin, both in Hollywood hits and in art house fare. So can’t we let our Clooney go?

If you’re all interested in seeing Clooney excoriate himself again for Batman & Robin, you can watch the clip from Graham Norton below:


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