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Love it, hate it or just think it’s okay, the glimpse-into-the-past Batman series, Gotham, is returning for a second season. They managed to impress audiences (and, perhaps more importantly, the producers) enough that we’re going to get a second go. The writers already managed to squeeze in quite a few of Batman’s classic villains during the first season, albeit in their younger incarnations, and chances are they’ll bring even more familiar faces during season 2. And with the new faces shall come the old, with one in particular getting a larger role. According to Nicholas D’Agosto – the actor that played Harvey Dent – his character will have a bit more screen time in the new season.

Via the magic of twitter, D’Agosto sent out this message to all his followers and fans:

While Dent certainly hasn’t become the baddie, Two-Face, who we all know and love, it should be an interesting ride up to that point. Much as they explored The Riddler’s decent into madness and murder, they’ll likely be doing something similar here. Of course, there are many years left before little Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl, so really it’s a question of whether or not the writers think Two-Face can stand on his own and whether or not they’d like him to be squaring off against Jim Gordon before he finally starts picking on Batman.

Personally, my money’s on Dent becoming the lawyer face of Bruce Wayne as he wages his own private battle against the corruption in Wayne Enterprises. It would be a fitting way for the youthful Batman to become close friends and allies with Dent and make it all-the-more tragic when Dent finally falls from grace. Or they could go a completely different route… who knows?

What do the Nerd Readers think of all this? Is Gotham just too busy with Batman villains? Do they need to bring Two-Face into all of this or just concentrate on finishing the character arcs that they’ve already started?


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