You may be familiar with Kung Fury, the crowd-funded martial arts comedy that’s the brain child of director David Sandberg. The film, featuring an absolutely balls-to-the-wall trailer released last year, has finally arrived!

Kung Fury is a visually spectacular action comedy. An 80s cop, outrageous violence, fast cars, kung fu expert Hitler, time travel achieved with a Nintendo Power Glove, sexy vikings who can summon the gods. It even even features an equally epic theme song from Eighties icon David HasselhoffKung Fury is as if someone threw the absolute cheesiest yet most wonderful bits of the 1980s into a blender.

Now, after successfully crowdfunding over $630,000 for Kung Fury, Sandberg and his Laser Unicorns production team have finally unleashed the finished short film online for free, and you can check out all the martial arts mayhem and ’80s-style music, crazy imagery, and excessive violence below: 

Here’s the official announcement from the official Kung Fury website:

The short film Kung Fury is a homage and a love letter to the 80’s from the director David Sandberg.

Miami Police Department detective and martial artist Kung Fury time travels from the 1980s to World War II to kill Adolf Hitler, a.k.a. “Kung Führer”, and revenge his friend’s death at the hands of the Nazi leader. An error in the time machine sends him further back to the Viking Age.

The film was crowdfunded in the beginning of 2014 and released on the 28th of may 2015.

The film is now available for free!

You can check out more from the Laser Unicorn team on their YouTube channel, and Sandberg is inviting fans to tweet their experiences watching the film using the hashtag #kungfurypremiere.


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