‘TRON 3’? It’s Dead, Jim.


The Grid giveth and the Grid taketh away. Things were looking up so high for TRON 3, its cast was coming together, a director was onboard, and a start date was set with studio space booked in Vancouver, the stage that hosted TRON: Legacy. Joseph Kosinski was going to direct, Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund were going to reprise their Legacy roles, and with a little bit of good luck, Daft Punk was going to lay down some funky beats for the soundtrack. But no, just as quickly as TRON 3 became a thing, it’s now not a thing, and instead Disney will put its efforts into something probably either Star Wars or Marvel related. So what happened?

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news noting that while TRON 3 was never “officially” greenlit, it was definitely picking up steam and looked good to be going into production later this year, October to be precise. There was even talk of the film picking up Joker Jared Leto for an important part, and TheWrap noted that Olivia Munn was also a strong possibility to join the fun. But I guess that’s all just hypothetical now.

So what’s the deal? Why didn’t TRON come back to digital life? Perhaps it’s a money game. Perhaps the $400 million return on the $170 million invested in Legacy wasn’t as lucrative as Disney had hoped. It’s enough to make them second guess themselves after last weekend’s disappointing returns on Tomorrowland, which will be lucky it it makes back its $180 million budget domestically.

Let’s face facts, Legacy wasn’t nearly the sensation Disney had hoped it would be, and fans haven’t exactly been clamoring for more from TRON either despite the hype and anticipation for the last movie. Plus, with other Grade A material in the pip from Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios, does Disney even need to open another nerdy nostalgia stream in TRON? I hardly think so.

So in the end TRON 3 left the same way it came in, suddenly and without much fanfare. Better luck in another two decades…

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