If Harry Potter fans were to guess as to the first actors from the beloved franchise that would be posing for some risqué photos, Zoe Wanamaker (Madam Hooch) may not have been at the top of that list.  However, Wanamaker is in fact one of the several actresses that have Harry Potter on their resume who recently took part in a photo shoot to raise awareness of the damage humans are causing to the oceans and once the clothes came off, the shoot got a bit…fishy.


The best way to explain the Fishlove cause is to simply present the description of the photo series directly from the official Fishlove website:

Fishlove is a series of striking images which is now at the heart of a global movement
 to protect our seas from destructive fishing practices. The portraits, featuring celebrated individuals with fish, have succeeded in raising significant awareness for campaigns such as OCEAN2012, BLOOM, The End of the Line, and Blue Marine Foundation.

In other words, Fishlove is a wonderful cause that every human should support!

Without further ado…

Zoe Wanamaker’s Madam Hooch may be the Quidditch referee but it looks like she caught something a bit bigger than a golden snitch.


Helena Bonham Carter played the deliciously evil Bellatrix LeStrange in the Harry Potter films but her love of the environment is what matters.


Fiona Shaw may have made Harry’s life a living hell as his miserable, jealous Aunt Petunia but all of that can be put aside after this photo.


Julie Christie was only briefly in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban but chances are that as the bartender of Three Broomsticks, she has never made a better paella.


The Harry Potter actresses weren’t the only ones to lend their, um, assets to a great cause!

Of the experience, Dame Judi Dench recently told the Sunday Times:

The best part of the shoot was that it is not every day you get to cuddle one. The worst part was that I didn’t get to eat it.


Pretty sure that lobster had a bottle of Felix Felicis in his pocket.

Kathy Lette, who started out as a consultant to the hit 80’s tv series The Facts of Life, spends most of her time behind the camera but decided to step in front for a good cause.


Finally, Tamla Kari, of Inbetweeners fame, heard from one fish that another may be a murderer. DON’T TRUST IT TAMLA!


If you want to know more about this wonderful cause and purchase some of these images as posters, head on over to the Fishlove official site!

Which of these is your favorite? Is there another Harry Potter actor/actress that you hope will join this cause?

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