Last month we told you about Power-Up Box , the newest nerdy subscription service. Here we are again. The good folks over at Power-Up Box were nice enough to send us their May box, which we got at the very end of May. Before we reveal what lays within, let’s take a moment to acknowledge what a cool and fun concept this is.

When we were children, birthdays ruled! We got to be a year older, a year bigger, we got cartoon and comic book-themed parties, cake, ice cream, and tons of kick-ass presents that we actually wanted. We basically got to be celebrities for a day, just for not dying 365 days in a row. Pretty awesome, right?

As adults, birthdays just aren’t the same. Once a year, you roll over in bed and open your Facebook app, to discover that your news feed has been carpet-bombed with contrived birthday well-wishes, mostly from people that you haven’t seen since high school. Then you go to work. Later that night, at a bar, you get handed a birthday card full of losing scratch tickets and a 6-pack varietal of horrendous craft beers that will sit in the back of your fridge until you die. Not awesome, right?

What if, as an adult, you could go back to having those Ninja Turtle-themed, drama-free kid birthdays, full of wondrous presents and delicious treats? How about forget the gatherings, the attention, the planning, the pomp and circumstance, and a box just shows up on your doorstep, full of presents? How about you just head on over to Powerupbox.com and check it out, right now!?

That’s right. As either a Power-Up Box one-time customer, or as a monthly subscriber (which saves you up to %15), almost anywhere around the world, you get to experience the anticipation, the excitement, the novelty, of opening up a mystery box, different every time, filled with 4-9 (depending on your subscription size) random Nerd/Geek/Gamer-themed items for you to keep, trade or regift!

Here’s what the box of mystery (For May) contained:

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 8.19.37 AM

-Pop! Animation – Frankenstein Jr. figure
-For “Fox” Sake mug
-Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack Skellington socks
-Lightning Bugs Gummy Candy
-Star Wars puzzle
-Obnoxiously big Angry Birds: Star Wars pen.
-Angry Birds: Star Wars notebook.
-Limited edition, Return Of The Jedi t-shirt.
-Star Wars comic book

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.52.51 AM

Admittedly, the items in this months box where not as appealing as all the goodies from their first shipment. But… here’s why this concept is so great. This month, I kept the Frankenstein Jr. figure and the Lightning Bug gummies (they come with light-up tongs that make your gummy bugs glow when you pick them up), and the rest of the items became thoughtful presents for my friends. My friend, Diana, loves Tim Burton, so, she got the Nightmare Before Christmas socks, just for being a good friend. Her stepson is a huge Star Wars fan, and has a birthday coming up, so he got a 5-item Star Wars present pack.

For a measly $25.45, I was able to pick up a cool collectible for myself, eat a fun novelty snack, and surprise two people in my life with multiple gifts that speak to their specific interests in art/entertainment. All of the items easily add up to $45-50 if you were to buy them at a comic book store or the mall, so, there are significant savings here.

Whether you become a regular customer, or just buy one box for yourself, or as a gift for someone special in your life, this product is a no-brainer. It’s almost guaranteed that you will make somebody’s day brighter with a Power Up Box!

Also, what sets Power-Up Box apart from its competitors, is that they provide you two swag box options – a monthly subscription of $25.45 or $16.95 containing 6-9 items or 4-6 respectively. So you got options.

Power-Up Box… now you’re buying with POWER!

Treat. Yo. Self. Head on over to Power-Up Box and get start your subscription today. You won’t regret it.

Oh, and best yet – use Coupon Code “NerdBastards” and you’ll get %10 OFF your first month of either the Premium or Deluxe box.

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