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Every once in a while you hear about someone doing something that is just amazingly ridiculous. Today’s case-in-point – a Fallout fan was determined to pre-order the fourth installment of the series, though he decided to do so in a most unconventional manner. In fact, he shipped a box containing more than 2000 bottle caps right to Bethesda. A pic of the caps and the letter that accompanied the box are below.

fallout 4 bottlecaps

You have to be pretty damned devoted to keep that many bottle caps around the house for more than 7 years. They apparently weigh in at just over 11 lbs. and, though pretty much worthless in our modern economy, they should prove pretty handy should the world take a turn for the worse and end up a nuclear wasteland. If I were Bethesda, I’d keep those stored somewhere safe, just in case.

Bethesda still hasn’t made an official statement on whether 2,240 bottle caps are enough to cover the dollar value of a Fallout 4 pre-order, but one individual calculated the exchange rate and it seems as if that many caps is equal to about $1000 US. Fallout 4 better well cost less than that, or we’re all screwed.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that this dude deserves something for all his trouble. What say the Nerd Readers? Should Bethesda reward the ridiculous? Or does the mysterious Bottle Cap Man need to pay cash for his game, just like the rest of us?


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