An Honest Trailer for Toy Story? Perish the thought. More often than not, the targets for Screen Junkies‘ Honest Trailers segment is a movie that doesn’t have a lot of, shall we say, renown. Sometimes a Matrix, or Jurassic Park, or Dark Knight slips through, but recent victims have included Armageddon, Fifty Shades of Grey and Ang Lee’s Hulk. So what, oh what can they say about Toy Story? It’s a modern masterpiece, the first of a long string of Pixar hits and an artistic work that revolutionized how animated works are conceived and created. Well, it turns out that Toy Story is pretty messed up on a lot of levels. Don’t believe me? Well this is an honest trailer after all.

Now that you mention it, Woody was trying to kill Buzz. And that gag the toys pull on Sid probably did mess him up forever. And Andy’s dad is mysteriously absent… Maybe Toy Story 4 should be about the search for Andy’s dad because there’s clearly a bigger story there. For the record that’s former MADtv player and Curly from the new Three Stooges Will Sasso as “Randy Newman.” No offense to the musician, but that impression was pretty spot on. Trying getting “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” out of your head now.

In spite of Screen Junkies’ correctly pointing out the existential curiosities in Toy Story, it’s still pretty amazing how well that movie’s held up. It’s worth noting that this is the 20th anniversary of Toy Story this year, and as perfectly illustrated by that Windows 95 tutorial clip with Friends era Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry points out, a lot has changed in computing in the last two decades. I had forgotten how much the Friends were pimped out in the early days of their success, so perhaps an Honest Trailer for that show is order (so long as we’re pillorying 90s icons).

What did you Bastards think of the Toy Story Honest Trailer? Sound off with your opinion below.

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