What do you get when you mix angry couples, “high-octane, high stakes” games, and crazy television competitions? If you said “Wipeout,” you’d almost be right. What if we added “and you’re going to pretend you’re Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?” 

That’s the concept, it seems, behind “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” a new reality show greenlit by ABC and being produced 3 Ball Entertainment and New Regency – who put the original 2005 movie together, reports Variety.

In the film, Pitt and Jolie star as a married couple who do not know they are each assassins working for competing agencies, until they’re given hits on each other. The ensuing physical violence led to a rekindling of their love for each other (and the sexiest fight scene ever committed to celluloid), both on-screen and off – this film marked the beginning of “Brangelina.”

This isn’t the first time ABC has tried to push Mr. and Mrs. Smith to the small screen: in 2007 they hired Doug Liman and Simon Kinberg to create a television series based on the film. How they plan on integrating the best elements of the movie (assassinations and attempted spousal murder) into a game show remains a tight-lipped mystery, but one can only presume there’s probably already a show exactly like that in Japan.

Still, there are shows out there that can be drawn on. Maybe it’s a combination of The Amazing Race, Fear Factor, and Wipeout: couples travel to exotic locations, get jettisoned off rooftops in burning cars, have to escape from an underwater prison, and then run through an obstacle course while snipers with paintball guns try to “kill” them?

I’d watch that.

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