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Even though the Star Trek franchise has already gone so far as to announce that they have the fourth film in the series officially approved, fans have still been waiting around to find out what the third film will be called. The rumors hit about a week ago that there was an official title to be had and now we here at Nerd Bastards can confirm that the rumor was indeed true. The third Star Trek movie has now been named.

Director Justin Lin took to Twitter to make the announcement, though in a less-than-direct way. He sent this picture along with a hashtag #StarTrekBeyond.

star trek beyond

So if you do the math and he’s not just being a deceptive dick, the new movie title is Star Trek Beyond. Where this beyond happens to be and whether or not the crew will actually go there, however, is up for debate.

What do the Nerd Readers think? Are you excited to go “beyond” something? Or do you miss the good old days, when movies used the Star Trek III: Something-or-other format as their titles?


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