To all you Hannibal fans out there (myself included) it seems like nothing but bad news lately, and not to add insult to injury, but I’m about to add insult to injury. To recap, NBC decided to cancel Hannibal about three episodes into its third season, but since Hannibal isn’t a wholly owned product of NBC, and the network merely licensed the internationally-made series to air in the U.S., there was a very good chance that Hannibal could be picked up elsewhere. In fact, show producer Bryan Fuller was absolutely certain of it. Well, those odds got slightly more narrow today as Fuller tweeted that neither Netflix nor Amazon, the two likeliest candidates for a Hannibal reprise, have passed on picking up the show.

Read it an weep:

It seems that Fuller is holding out some hope, but realistically, if neither Netflix nor Amazon is interested, who’s the most obvious next prospect? The Food Network? Combined with the news that the Hannibal actors have been released from their contract, meaning that any future seasons will have to take second place to whatever work Hugh Dancy et al will pick up next, an uncancellation is seeming less and less likely. Fuller, meanwhile, is now first committed to doing the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

So Hannibal fans, I think it’s time to start making peace with the idea that our favorite show about the culinary serial killer is not coming back again after the season finale airs at the end of August. I know it’s cold comfort, but there’s still eight episodes of season three to enjoy and savor, and that’s about eight more episodes and two seasons longer than most shows with Hannibal’s ratings would have gotten under ordinary circumstances. Also, remember how the Hannibal name had been driven creatively into the ground before the TV series? Well, let’s be grateful to Fuller for taking it back.

Hannibal airs Thursdays at 10 pm on NBC (for now).

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