Obviously comic books as TV series has been a trend that everyone (except NBC) has enjoyed collecting dividends from. Aside from the notable cancellation of Constantine, most TV series that originate from comic series enjoy decent ratings, an enthusiastic fanbase and the endorsement of their networks. No wonder then that Universal wants in on that action. A new deal between the studio and Dark Horse Comics was announced yesterday, and it will see the transference of some big Dark Horse properties to the small screen in a development deal that covers both adaptations and original works from the Milwaukie, OR-based publisher. What titles might you see coming soon to a TV/cable channel near you? Read on.

The deal reached between Dark Horse Comics and Universal Cable Productions will see four Dark Horse titles immediately head into development as part of the pair’s deal to create “scripted programming from [Dark Horse’s] extensive comic book library.” At the same time, Dark Horse will lead production on series based on new material that’s never before been published as a comic, but will still be created under the Dark Horse banner as per the UCP deal. (Presumably, Dark Horse might want to make future comic books out of them.)

But as to the important question: which Dark Horse series will be making the jump to TV? Well, it turns out there’s a couple of big names amongst the slate.

Concrete – The Eisner Award-winning comic by Paul Chadwick follows a human man named Ronald Lithgow whose brain is implanted in a hard stone body by some aliens. Think of the Thing from Fantastic Four living a boring life, bouncing between various misunderstandings and acts of embarrassment as he struggles to make his way in the world. It might make for a interesting dramedy.

The Umbrella Academy – The comic book co-created by My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way follows a group of young heroes who grew up together at the titular superhero training facility and are re-united by the death of their mentor. This project has been in film development hell for years, but the miniseries structure of the story might make it a better fit for TV, like a super-powered True Detective.

Harrow County – A brand new book from Dark Horse by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook follows a teenager named Emmy who discovers she’s the reincarnation of a witch who died on the day Emmy was born. Emmy then learns she has powers, which is good because the same townspeople that killed her in a past life are coming for her in this one. It might make a good companion piece for Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries.

Back Up – A new production about a future world in which people can back-up their minds as easily as they can back-up computers, the side effect being that people can now cheat death by having their backed up minds loaded into new bodies. A frightening or frighteningly awesome, look at the future by writer Tom Vaughn and executive producer Jim Wedaa. Brad Anderson, who directed the pilot for the future-set Almost Human, is in talks to join.

What do you guys think? And is it too early to hope for a Hellboy Netflix series? Sound off below.

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