Remember Batman: The Animated Series? Of course you do! Nearly a quarter of a century later it still kicks all kinds of ass and it casts a long shadow (of the bat) over every other attempt to make a Batman cartoon, and in some cases, a Batman film. In fact, until Christopher Nolan, a lot of people, including myself, thought that The Mask of the Phantasm was the best Batman movie. So what, right? Why all this talk about Batman: TAS? Well, for you toy collectors out there, there are some brand new TAS inspired figures coming. And for fans of funny videos, there’s a new commercial for the TAS figures featuring a pair of nerd icons.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, who got the goods from the folks at DC Entertainment, comes this little slice of toy box nostalgia. The below ad was produced by Stoopid Buddy Stoodies, the folks behind Robot Chicken, and not only does it effectively promote the new figures, it features a pair of special guest playmates. Check it out.

Yup, that’s Paul Dini, one of the primary architects of TAS, and Kevin Smith, the Bob in Jay and Silent Bob. Clearly, they really invest a lot of themselves in playtime despite being older guys with beards. The above spot will start to run in 15 second chunks starting July 10, AKA: tomorrow.

What else? How about a first look at the new additions to the collection including Commissioner Gordon, Zatanna, Ra’s al Ghul (who was voiced on TAS by the marvelous David Warner) and The Demon with sidekick Klarion. Articulated? Multiple hands and accessories? You betcha!





Source: EW

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