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The Masters of The Universe Classics toyline is a homage to the original 80’s toys, with modernized detail and style. Each month a new character or two is released on Mattel’s website for sale to He-Man fans ans She-ravers. Now into its 8th year and well beyond 130 figures in its line, things are only just getting started!

I’m a collector of this series. I’ve invested lots of money and subsequent shelf space. With having practically ever character (from cartoon, comics and movie) remade or come into existence for the first time, I thought things were were finally coming to an end. I considered selling off some of my collection figuring the line was at its peak in resale value. Color me surprised when I learned what is in store for 2016 and beyond; including 2.0 (Filmation) versions of Trap Jaw and He-man, Red Beast Man, Green Granamyr and…Snake Mountain?

MOTUC will continue in 2016. Collector Choice – Prices are going down according to Mattel.

6 figures coming in the subscription. $24 for subscription and $27 non subscribers.

  • Lord Masque January
  • Vultak March
  • Darius May
  • Night Stalker May
  • Despara is the Sub Only Figure in June
  • Crita July
  • General Sunder September
  • Horde Wraith November

MOTU Minis will return in 2016.

Filmation figures will be released : He-Man, Trap Jaw, Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, Evil Seed, and Skeletor. He-Man 2.0 coming in February 2016. Has new wrist articulation. Trap Jaw 2.0 in April 2016. Evil Seed will be a sub only.

MOTUC Snake Mountain is coming. No microphone but it will have a bluetooth speaker. You can play music from a bluetooth device or there will be an app with a voice change. No price or details on availability, my do a drive similar to the Castle to fund.

The Filmation Skeletor looks amazing! And Snake Mountain is absolutely unbelievable. Interesting for Mattel who previously in history said no to making Snake Mountain for the line due to costs. And now its being done.

That’s the thing about Mattel and this Classics line. They’ve always (supposedly) relied on fans for the line to continue, begging them every year to purchase yearly subscriptions (forcing fans to get and pay for monthly figures, even ones they didn’t want) under the guise that things won’t get made unless they do. But things always found a way of getting made. Even these ginormous and very expensive playsets like Castle Grayskull and now this Snake Mountain, which looks to be almost twice as large as Grayskull (can only imagine how much it’s going to cost). Its a wonder if Mattel ever truly ran the risk of not continuing on with its He-Man line. Me thinks they were always gonna make more figures, finish out the core characters, and carry on no matter how many subscribers they had.

And as much as I absolutely love the new Filmation style figures, it feels like it will be just another revamped series of figures to collect. I’d be a little sour if they continue to make Filmation style characters beyond these initial 6. The problem with a whole new and continued line is that each NEW iteration of toys decreases the value of the line before it (such as the case with the 200x line based on the rebooted cartoon, those figures are worthless now). Not every collector is in this to resell but it is a hope that if you hold onto a collection that your investment will hold a greater value down the line. With spending so many years and a few thousand dollars on the Classics line, I don’t want my investment to take a dive and have little to no value.

But then, of course, a new Masters of The Universe movie will eventually get made and Mattel will definitely start all over again. So I guess now still is the peak time to keep the figures you want and resell any, if that’s what you wanna do.

In any case, this is He-Man. I’m a fan and always will be. If there’s new toys and collectibles being made that mans the love and support for it is still going strong.



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