Green Lantern fans can let out that breath and take a big sigh of relief. The movie that everyone was wondering about just got a little clearer. When Warner Bros. announced their big movie schedule it was titled Green Lantern, which made a lot of people wonder if it would be a reboot of the Ryan Reynolds disaster and another origin story, but now we know.Warner Bros. announced today in Hall H that the title is Green Lantern Corps. That lends a lot of support to the rumors of multiple actors being talked to for multiple Green Lanterns of Earth: Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, and others with Chris Pine being the most rumored for a part. The release date is still set for June 19th, 2020.

There wasn’t any casting or other news about the film yet, but if something pops up during the rest of the Warner Bros. panel we’ll let ya know!

Via: SDCC15


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