Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in. Of course, you didn’t really think Arrow was out, did you? Oliver Queen may have hung up his quiver at the end of season three, but since the CW renewed the show for a fourth season, it opened the inevitable return of the Emerald Archer to punish those that have failed Starling City. But since they made a pretty big deal about Oliver walking away, he’s going to need an outfit that says, “Yeah, I quit, but now I’m back and I mean business.” Et voila! This evening, the new Arrow outfit was revealed to the crowd come to hear about Arrow at San Diego Comic Con.

Per the official release by Warner Bros. TV.

The new duds were created by the show’s costume designer Maya Mani, who also came up with the outfits for Black Canary, Arsenal, Speedy and the A.T.O.M. According to Greg Berlanti (via Deadline), the new outfit represents Oliver Queen’s continuing evolution from “Arrow to Green Arrow. [The costume] is going to reflect who he becomes, not where he has been.”

In other Arrow news from the panel, two new comic book characters will be added to the show in season four. Mr. Terrific will join his Justice Society of America colleague Wildcat in the Arrow-verse, and Batman villain Anarchy will arrive in Starlig City too, presumably for a quite weekend away. Just kidding, of course.

That not enough Arrow for you? Fine, then check out this sizzle reel recap of season three, which condensed down into four minutes is more awesome than living through 23 hours of it, but hey…

Arrow returns Wednesday October 7 at 8 pm.

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